With the Holy Spirit, you can remain calm amidst chaos

on February 23, 2024

In the sunrise…in the way you could move your body to arise…in the day before you and the relationships you get to nourish…In the food on your table and the shelter over your head—His goodness is EVERYWHERE 🌟

🌟 Because you have the gift of the Holy Spirit, you get to remain calm , aware, and steady amidst the chaos around you. This posture + peace permeates the place you’re in—it’s powerful.

🌟 It’s okay to mourn unmet expectations that were set based on how you thought things would go…it doesn’t take away from your faith to voice, “This is different than I expected. Help me, Jesus.”

🌟 God’s call on your life will never be to drain or deplete you. While He loves to partner with you, your soul is His priority. A healthy soul can’t be cultivated amidst an overwhelmed life.

🌟 The army of God is unmatched, unstoppable, and undefeated. The Commander has methods and ways you will never conceive. Trust the force that is your constant protection. Call on them!

🌟 Your Father sees the shortage, wherever it is. In whatever area feels scarce or never-racking when looking at what’s ahead, He already knows. Dependence—He’s got you.

🌟 Worship literally breaks chains. It is the weapon that is possible in every circumstance and the one that calls down Heaven. Worship helps the invisible become more real than the visible.

🌟 You may feel tired or weary or exhausted or the need to tap out—but this is the part where His strength thrives! The wind in your sails—it is Jesus and He has navigated every storm and every sea. Take heart.

🌟 In every situation, it’s about the heart of the issue and the heart of the matter. God is always focused on the motivation + purity of your heart because THAT is the wellspring of life. What’s yours revealing?

🌟 Your decision to truly let it go and rid your hands of the offense, the bitterness, the control, etc.—it is powerful. You’re making an impact by trusting that The Lord’s hands can handle and help what you cannot.

🌟 The name of Jesus is trustworthy in every situation you will ever face. Call on it. Say it. Voice it when you’re afraid. He is near and the enemy has no authority where the name of Jesus is spoken.

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