You are a city on a hill meant to shine!

on August 25, 2023

Goodness is around you in a million different ways—some that are more obvious and others that require some digging—but His fingerprints are the fabric of your life!

🌟 You are a city on a hill! This means that you don’t have to achieve or prove anything in order to display His glory—you were literally designed to point to Heaven!

🌟 Being slow to speak requires patience, disciple, + humility. It may mean you don’t get to prove a point but you do get to fight for peace. Wisdom is often revealed in your silence.

🌟 Worry is a choice you don’t have to make today. You don’t have to be distracted by what you don’t control—God’s got that.

🌟 When the world is stressing or hysteria seems necessary, you get to choose a different normal. Your calm reminds them of the Creator who holds the world.

🌟 Wherever your Heavenly Father points, directs, or instructs is GOOD + trustworthy. If it feels weird or counterintuitive, remember that He sees all you can’t.

🌟 The refuge of God is a safe haven. It’s filled with delight and peace that comes from obedience. And it restores the depths of your soul.

🌟 Yesterday may have been rough but He has already forgiven you. You don’t have to let the mishaps or mistakes you made then keep you from pursuing His call today.

🌟 In your personal + professional life—in places that are new + strongholds that have been present for a while—you are capable of initiating + following through with change that pushes you towards Jesus.

🌟 God is aware of any + every obstacle you’ll ever face; since you don’t have to inform Him, that means He has already made a way. Don’t fear the future.

🌟 Taking God seriously holds His Word close, His promises tightly, + His mission above all. This protects your joy + brings the ABUNDANT LIFE 🌟

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