You are stronger than you realize.

on November 17, 2023

If God is good and God is always with us, then that means goodness never leaves us.
Goodness is everywhere because God is.

🌟 You are stronger than you’ll ever know. It usually requires the hard seasons + your back up against the wall to realize what God can do through you. If He’s brought you to it, it’s in you to get to the other side.

🌟 Nobody prefers a painful season but in looking back, you will see that the hardest to walk through are often your richest, + most life-changing. Because as you hide yourself in Jesus, His strength comes alive in you.

🌟 Worried? Fearful? Play it out. Sometimes breaking down the snowball and realizing that even then, God is present + will provide, your Goliath shrinks in size. All is small potatoes for the God who made the world.

🌟 It may be normal to live scattered and distracted but you get to choose a different way. Because you live by the Spirit, you can remain intentional + consistent in every area.

🌟 The Holy Spirit will provide every bit of courage you need to walk wherever He asks you to go. As you leave the familiar, you’ll understand His faithfulness in a brand new way.

🌟 If it’s felt hard and you’re frustrated but you know you need to stick it out—whatever it is—He will give you the perseverance. Seek His perspective + find the fortitude to remain.

🌟 God is never passive-aggressive, ill-tempered, or triggered by your behavior; He doesn’t base His affection off whether you deserve it. Trust that His love is evergreen and that His delight in you isn’t temporary.

🌟 Anything that increases your awareness, need, and revelation of the strength, sovereignty, and supernatural provision of God is a blessing. Your neediness is mercy in disguise.

🌟 It is always tempting to keep the pace you’re used to but when you slow your soul + retreat to the quiet place, refreshment comes. Go there. Prioritize + protect that time.

🌟 The sand is moving, the weather is changing, the tides are finding new rhythms and this you know for sure: God is on the move. He is working. The best is yet to come.

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