You aren't where you used to be.

on June 16, 2023

Goodness and mercy and strength can never be scarce when the source is Jesus.
When life feels harsh or joy feels far away, cling to these truths:

🌟 You may not be where you hoped you be but you certainly aren’t where you used to be. Praise Him for the progress. The process always feels longer than you’d like.

🌟 Everyone—young, old, extroverted, introverted, successful, + struggling—every human heart is navigating what it means to be authentically connected to others in different seasons. It’s always worth the learning curve.

🌟 Deep waters are so hard. And often looking back, you’ll be surprised by God’s strength in you. But they also bring indescribable intimacy with your Father + your people.

🌟 The more you simplify, the more clearly you can see. Sometimes when your mind or your space is full of stuff or obligations or worries, it’s hard to dream about what could be.

🌟 Starting anything doesn’t require expertise—in fact, that’s a rather impossible expectation. You simply need courage. You’re brave—give it a try.

🌟 Sometimes the plans you made are the very thing keeping you from taking the step you need to. Need a break? Some margin? That’s always worth the detour. God already knows. He will adjust.

🌟 There is not much—hardly anything—that is reliable, constant, and sure in any season. But what is? The character of God. Unfailing, unwavering, + unconditional.

🌟 The enemy likes to pretend that the darkness will overwhelm you; but your King will help you find your footing, establish pace when you can’t see, + help you find a way to dance despite the circumstances.

🌟 The desire for fame—just visibility, relevancy, notoriety, + affirmation—is a sickness in every human heart. But because you have the Holy Spirit, He will help you remain faithful + prioritize that instead.

🌟 Every person yearns for a life of meaning—it’s what all your doing is about. But the good news for believers? Following Jesus ensures a lasting legacy + a life RICH in meaning + purpose.

Goodness—do you see it!? It’s everywhere! 🌟

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