You have a day of fresh possibility before you.

on June 14, 2024


“The Lord is righteous in all His ways and faithful in all He does.” -Psalm 145:17
In every season, you to get to cling to the dependable, perfect goodness of God!

🌟 Today isn’t ruined by yesterday or threatened by tomorrow—these 24 hours include a million moments of FRESH possibility. Embrace them!

🌟 Gleaning a heart of wisdom that is proof you’ve sat with Jesus is worth a million times more than a hand of gold. Don’t you know—He holds it all—He will give you what you need. Treasure what lasts.

🌟 For anything + everything, there is relief when you sit with the One who made you. You remember His vastness + feel His care and you find your deep breath…all is actually okay.

🌟 In every moment, especially the ones that have been deemed impossible, God is working, watching, and watering what is good. Knowing He can provides peace because you know He will act when it is right.

🌟 It is never too late + you’re never past the ability to make new, safe friends! Your courage + commitment to finding community is seen and will be worth it. Others are looking, too!

🌟 The only ingredient necessary to cultivating a life of joy = CHOOSING it. Over + over again, especially when your view isn’t your favorite. Become really good at working that muscle.

🌟 The enemy can’t steal the favor on your life but he will do everything to convince you that you must earn it, strive for it, or don’t deserve it. Best gift to God? Trusting it + walking in it.

🌟 Your decision to keep trying, to keep getting up again—it so strongly points to Heaven. You will never regret having a spirit of perseverance. Keep going. The harvest will come.

🌟 Whatever is on your mind or sitting heavy on your heart? It’s vital to the keeper of your soul. Priority. Even when it’s small or self-induced, whatever keeps you from freedom is His focus.

🌟 The evidence of His goodness will be EVERYWHERE today. You will witness proof that the King of Kings has been coordinating, connecting, clarifying, correcting, chiseling, + carving the way forward. How wonderful!

Let praise lead your day 🌟

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