You have a strong, sound mind in Jesus.

on June 23, 2023

Have you started looking? Are your hands open to collect the millions of miracles He’s doing around you?


🌟 Your mind is prepared, strong, and sharp for right where you are. Because Jesus lives in you, you get to operate with sound peace + constant awareness of what is true.


🌟 There isn’t a single flaw or fear that makes your Creator hesitant or worried about using you. He’s wild about you. Your weaknesses + your worries are His invitation.


🌟 When you let others really know you—even when it’s uncomfortable or hard—God shows up. Bridges are built + intimacy is formed. It’s worth it.


🌟 Keeping your hand to the plow + continually showing up for the Kingdom will never be in vain. No matter how distant the harvest feels, He is using every morsel you’re giving.


🌟 Jesus is healing, helping, and holding you, even when you can’t see it. He’s moving things + shifting sands. Beneath the surface, the refinement is happening.


🌟 With every interaction, in every decision you make, with how you steward your life—with everything, the Jesus way is the best, highest, greatest, most life-giving way.


🌟 Regardless of what the world says, or how others speak, you get to be someone who offers life-giving words in every circumstance. Hope is always on your side.


🌟 Enjoying the presence of God is life’s greatest + most perpetual blessing. It is through sitting with Him, learning His heart, + receiving His peace that abundance is found.


🌟 You know—because you’re His!—how to hear His voice. When life feels loud, lean into the Shepherd’s whisper. It is always near + speaking and you were made to follow.

🌟 On every side, in every season, amidst every struggle, He is there. Covering. Blessing. Embracing. Holding. Loving. Sustaining forever.

Goodness!!!!! It is Jesus.

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