Your needs are never too big for God

on November 03, 2023

Goodness and mercy and grace and hope and peace and power and strength are overflowing because the goodness of God knows NO bounds!

🌟 Though they may feel too heavy or like the ask is too much, your needs are never too great or too grandiose for the One that made the world. He knows them all anyway! Don’t hold back in laying them down.

🌟 WHATEVER—no matter how it feels or appears—brings you close to the feet of the Father is a blessing. Mercy + grace packaged in the curve balls of life.

🌟 How you view God is the determinant of every experience you’ll have. Will He guide you? Will He be faithful? Will He sustain you? Answering these, you find your expectations for your day.

🌟 If you knew what was around the bend or beyond the peak ahead, you wouldn’t need trust to keep going + follow Him. It is the uncertainty that makes faith possible, intimacy necessary, and hope powerful.

🌟 Worship is the walking out of the statement: “God is God and He is good and I am His and He is for me.” It is action when you don’t understand.

🌟 The King of Kings—of ALL of creation—He is listening to you! Every word, every utterance you can’t form, and every thought ignited in your mind + heart—He is near. Talk to Him!

🌟 Because God has used His people to help lift your head and calm your heart, you get to be that same blessing to others. It’s the greatest gift you’ve ever been given—to LOVE like He does.

🌟 The character of God is the most consistent and trustworthy thing you’ll ever know. It’s literally impossible for Him to be anything or anyone but perfectly Himself.

🌟 Others get to think what they want+ say what they feel + do what they do and you aren’t in charge of fixing it, understanding it, explaining it, or controlling it. That’s their circle.

🌟 God has SOOO much strength and purpose for your day! Don’t miss it. Suit up, show up, and set your expectations high—God is in this place.

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