You're prepared for the transition that's ahead.

on April 26, 2024


Goodness is the air you breathe, the people you meet, the movement underneath your feet, and even the obstacles that come along the way. In everything, there is evidence of Jesus.

🌟 Transitions feel scary because they’re new and often unexpected—or they require big changes from your current normal—but you have been readied. All that you need is already inside of you. This is a time to get excited!

🌟 The affirmation of the Father was placed on you before you ever made a move or took a step; His favor, love, and belief in you has nothing to do with anything you could prove to Him—it’s a gift.

🌟 The timing of God in every situation, struggle, and season considers every detail—both those you see + those underneath the surface. It knows all and only delivers what is highest + best.

🌟 Community is the fabric of healing—you were made to walk out the hard moments WITH others; true community doesn’t seek a cleaned up version of you, but an honest one. A vulnerable one. That is bravery.

🌟 Take the leap. Make the move. Do the thing afraid! If you wait until you FEEL confident, you will remain stagnant. Faith comes in the movement as God meets you there and covers the gap.

🌟 Wherever you are, you get to be an example. You get to give generously, love regardless of reciprocation, and walk in truth even when it’s counter cultural. You get to be an example of Jesus.

🌟 God operates in the nitty gritty, very messy, very real parts of your life. All parts. There is no such thing as compartmentalizing Jesus—He made all of it + holds all of it together. He wants it all.

🌟 You were made to get uncomfortable—the fabric of who you are was made to thrive outside of the bubble the world wants to place you in—it is here where you grow, learn, + thrive.

🌟 It’s okay if you’re feeling a lack of motivation or passion—that’s human. Keep showing up + sticking your hand to the plow. Pause + ask Jesus for help to see His hand + revive your spirit. He will meet you there.

🌟 You are WILDLY LOVED!!!!!! Just as you are, the King of Kings said, “YOU! I want, like, adore, and love YOU!”
What a blessing to live from that place that can’t be threatened.

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